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Thirsty Clothing

"Homeland" hoodie

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100% certified organic cotton, 400 g/m2 french-terry

Printed front design, embroidered "Greenland" underneath the hood

Fit Unisex

5% of each product sold will be donated to support a sustainable water-related project in partnership with a non-profit organisation - Just a Drop

Made in Poland

Designed by Jan Banasiak

The story behind the design: Inughuit people are closely connected to their place of origin. Hardly any of them have ever been outside of Greenland. Endless ice and waters are all they have ever known. They are proud of their homeland and want to take care of it to provide for future generations. For them, Greenland is at the heart of our planet "The center of the world".

Delivery: Free shipping in entire Poland, and the Netherlands (Tilburg and surroundings). Bike delivery in Warsaw and Tilburg. We ship to most countries worldwide. 

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