Storytellers on a Mission

Storytellers on a Mission

Welcome to the vibrant world of Thirsty, where fashion is more than just apparel -it's a story, a movement, a ripple of change. In every thread and colour, we weave narratives that resonate with hearts and minds, driving social and environmental awareness worldwide.

Storytelling Through Fashion

At Thirsty, our collections are not just garments; they are canvases that tell compelling stories. Our journey began with the tale of the Aral Sea, one of the worst environmental tragedies caused human actions in the 20th century. Each piece in this collection reflects the lost beauty and the urgent need for ecological consciousness. With our brand, we show that it is possible to produce clothes in a responsible way without harming the environment.

Then, we ventured into the frosty terrains of Greenland, capturing the essence of its native inhabitants. Here, each design unravels a unique aspect of the lives of Inughuits, culture, deep connection to nature and the pressing issue of climate change affecting their homeland. Our collections are not mere fashion statements; they are narrations of untold stories, calling for attention and action.

The idea behind each collection is to spread awareness social and environmental awareness and demonstrate why it is crucial to make conscious decisions.

Social Impact: More Than Just Fashion

At Thirsty, our heart beats for change that goes far beyond the realm of aesthetics. We have proudly partnered with Just a Drop, a UK-based NGO renowned for its impactful water and sanitation projects worldwide. Our collaboration is a testament to our unwavering commitment to make a real difference in communities in need. We are committed to donating 5% of every product you buy at our store to drive positive change worldwide.

Transforming Lives in Kenya: The Saint Augustine Boys Secondary School Project

In Kenya, our focus has been on the Saint Augustine Boys Secondary School in Mwingi, an institution that has long struggled with a critical issue – the scarcity of clean drinking water. The school's dire situation compelled us to act; students were left with no choice but to consume water from a borehole, often colored and causing health complications. This was not just a matter of thirst but of health, education, and the future of these young guys.

Our contribution to Just a Drop has been channeled into a life-altering project for the school. Together, we constructed a rainwater harvesting tank, designed to provide safe, clean water throughout the year. This tank ingeniously harvests rainwater collected from the school's roofs, especially during the rainy season, ensuring that students and teachers have access to clean water year-round. Furthermore, Just a Drop installed handwashing stations across the school grounds. These initiatives are not just about providing water; they are about fostering a culture of health and hygiene, which is vital for the well-being and educational success of these students.

Our journey of impact extends to Uganda, where our donation is contributing significantly to water access and hygiene awareness. In communities where access to safe water is a challenge and proper sanitation is lacking.


A Call to Join the Thirsty Movement

Thirsty is more than a brand; it's a call to action. We invite you to be part of a movement that dresses with purpose and compassion. Every purchase you make is not just a fashion statement but a contribution to a story of change, a narrative that transforms lives and landscapes.

Join us in this exciting, meaningful journey. Embrace Thirsty, where every garment is a pledge for a sustainable future, and every purchase is a step towards positive change. Be part of a fashion revolution that’s more than just style—it's about making a difference, one story at a time. 

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