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Thirsty Clothing

"Aurora" hoodie

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100% certified organic cotton, 400 g/m2 

Embroidered front logo, printed back design, embroidered "Greenland" underneath the hood

Fit Unisex 

5% of each product sold will be donated to support a sustainable water-related project in partnership with a non-profit organisation - Just a Drop

Made in Poland

Designed by Jan Banasiak

The story behind the design: Greenland is famous for its miraculous northern lights (auroras) in the sky on some nights. The indigenous people of Greenland are known for maintaining a close and sustainable relationship with nature. This design depicts an Inughuit wearing a self-made polar bear outfit going for a hunt surrounded by the aurora. We wanted to show that people and nature co-exist and influence each other. One cannot exist without the other and embracing the wonders of Earth is possible only when this relationship is nurtured.

Delivery: Free shipping in entire Poland, and the Netherlands (Tilburg and surroundings). Bike delivery in Warsaw and Tilburg. We ship to most countries worldwide. 

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