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#6 Aрал теңізі

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  • 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton
  • Screen-printed design on the front, and the Aral Sea embroidery on the back under the collar
  • True to size fit, Unisex
  • Designed by Jan Banasiak

Agata               Mateusz

175cm               197cm

wearing M       wearing XL

Sustainability and production

Made in Łódź, Poland

Organic cotton origin: Turkey, Aegean Sea area

Certified organic cotton not only ensures a high quality product but also has a positive global impact. Compared to conventional cotton, it uses as much as 80% less water in production, avoids harmful chemicals and pesticides and makes sure the soil remains undamaged. Additionally, it provides fair treatment and compensation for everyone involved in the supply chain.

Your contribution

5% of each product sold will be donated to support sustainable water-related project in partnership with a UK-based non-profit organisation - Just a Drop.

Thanks to your contribution we play a part in improving people's lives in Kenya and Uganda.


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