Jakub Janczak

Co-founder, Chief Financial Officer

Two years ago, I moved to the Netherlands to study Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation at Tilburg University. I am responsible for Thirsty's accounting, legal matters and administration. Additionally, I try to find the best sustainable solutions for our brand as well as innovative improvements. I am an avid swimmer, adventure seeker and book lover.

Krzysztof Trzebiński

Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

After graduating from high school I decided to move out of Poland and have been living and studying in the Netherlands ever since. I am a second-year Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation student at Tilburg University. I have been dreaming of starting a venture for a long time already. However, now it feels like a perfect time to do that. I treat this business as an opportunity to get valuable experience and grow as a person. Taking care of Thirsty's marketing, communication and administration are my main tasks. I am a big sports enthusiast, an ever-improving poet and a self-growth pursuer.

Jan Banasiak

Creative Director, Designer

Since 2021 I am a student of Design at Warsaw SoF (School of Form). It broadens my horizons in a widely understood way that design acts - developing skills in areas such as industrial, domestic, fashion and communication design. Since last August I am also a moderator of the biggest working fashion society in Poland “Consumed”. I'm taking responsibility for the product and graphic design and careful sustainable materials considerations and choice. I am especially interested in fashion, lighting and cars design which gives me knowledge about the vehicles combined with art.