About us

Thirsty Clothing was born at the end of 2021. Thirsty is a sustainable clothing brand designed for environmentally conscious people.

What are we thirsty for?

Producing textiles made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials. We aim to reduce the use of water in the production process. Currently, our clothes are made out of 100% organic cotton fabrics that use around 71% less water than conventional cotton to produce, and their crops are not treated with pesticides. Additionally, our brand is striving towards making use of other materials that are even more sustainable in the near future. We want to minimize the environmental harm being done during the production process and ensure the longevity of our products.

Providing unique and abstract designs. Although there are many sustainable clothing brands in the market, after researching the industry, we concluded that the market lacks interesting, extraordinary designs. We are striving to change the way people perceive the industry by selling clothes that are not just sustainable, but also stylish and unique.

Raising social and environmental awareness worldwide through our collections. We want to educate people about past and current environmental and social disasters around the world that tend to be overlooked or forgotten. Nature and planet Earth is at the heart of our company, not just as a treasure we wish to protect but also as a source of inspiration for our art.

Making a positive contribution to the people in need. Our brand wants to make an impact by working towards multiple SDGs through partnerships with organizations having a global impact. Recently, we partnered up with the UK-based non-profit organization Just a Drop. We donate 5% of the revenue of each product sold from the first collection to support the Boys’ Secondary School in Mwingi, Kenya to help the community build a water harvesting tank and make hygiene training possible. This endeavor will improve the lives of more than 650 teenagers. So far we donated €120 to this project.

Ensuring safe working conditions in the sewing companies we collaborate with. We are everything but a fast-fashion brand. The lives and safety of the labor force bringing our designs to life are a priority for us. Currently, our garments are made in Poland, where safe working conditions for the workers are guaranteed.

Why Thirsty? Water is the most valuable resource on Earth, taken for granted by many. Fast-fashion, in particular, uses water irresponsibly, leading to negative humanitarian and environmental consequences. We are thirsty to reduce the use of water for the production of our products and make a positive contribution to providing clean water and sanitation worldwide.

Who are we? Our team consists of three guys. We all are between 20 and 21 years old and come from Poland. Each of us has different skills and capabilities and together we form a team knows to you as Thirsty Clothing.

 We are Thirsty and ready for change. Are you?

  • Jakub Janczak

    Financial Director

  • Krzysztof Trzebinski

    Marketing Director

  • Jan Banasiak

    Creative Director

  • Yannick Schilken Iturrino

    Marketing Specialist