About us

Thirsty Clothing is a unique brand designed for environmentally conscious people who like to stand out. The company was founded at the end of 2021 by Jakub Janczak, Krzysztof Trzebinski and Jan Banasiak. 

Why Thirsty? Water is the most valuable resource on Earth, taken for granted by many. Fast-fashion, in particular, uses water irresponsibly, leading to negative humanitarian and environmental consequences. We are thirsty to reduce the use of water for the production of our products and make a positive contribution to providing clean water and sanitation worldwide.

Who are we? Our team consists of four guys from Poland and Germany. Each of us has different skills and capabilities and together we form a team known to you as Thirsty Clothing.

We are Thirsty and ready for change. Are you?

30+ nationalities in 15+ countries worldwide are already rocking Thirsty. 

What are we thirsty for?

Producing textiles made from high-quality and eco-friendly materials. 

Our 100% organic cotton fabrics cut water usage by 71% compared to traditional cotton – no pesticides involved. But we're not stopping there. Our goal? To explore even more eco-friendly materials. Our aim is simple: reduce environmental impact, craft long-lasting products, and pave the way for a greener future.

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Providing unique and abstract designs.

While there are many sustainable clothing brands out there, we discovered a common thread: the need for fresh, captivating designs. Our goal? To offer clothing that's more than just eco-friendly – it's a style statement that stands out from the crowd.

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Supply chain transparency.

We provide transparency from A to Z. 100% European-made. From Turkey to Poland to the Netherlands and beyond. We invite you to be a part of this story, where our creations bridge gaps and connect people worldwide.

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Improving people's lives worldwide.

Our brand makes positive impact by contributing to multiple SDGs through partnerships with various NGOs. We are committed to driving change in countries such as Kenya and Uganda supporting water-related projects. So far, we donated €500+ to improve lives of 1500+ people.

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Raising awareness through storytelling.

We are educating people about environmental and social issues around the world that tend to be overlooked or forgotten. Nature and planet Earth is at the heart of our company, not just as a treasure we wish to protect but also as a source of inspiration for our art.

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  • Jakub Janczak

    Financial Hero

  • Krzysztof Trzebinski

    The Marketing Goat

  • Jan Banasiak

    Creative Maestro

  • Yannick Schilken Iturrino

    Content Magician